Landing Background Working together with like-minded partners to create a sustainable future. ICMG : Intellectual Capital Management Group


Our Purpose

Co-creating a new future with willing people


Since our founding we have consistently focused on sustainable growth. By taking not only a financial capital but also an intellectual capital standpoint, we have been promoting various projects as a partner for sustainable corporate growth.

We are convinced that human will, independence, intrinsic motivation, and a sense of mission are the driving forces to change the world and create a new future. However, in order for the human will to lead a new future, innovation in corporate management and social structures itself are essential.

We believe in the potential of human beings, and view the world from a comprehensive perspective (space, earth, economy, nature, animals, humans). We are a company that seeks to “co-create a new future with willing human beings”. We will continue to promote co-creation with human talent who are willing to create a new future.

Core Value

Our Core Value



Have Your Own Will

We ourselves will continue to be willing, independent, endogenous, and missionful. We are not accelerators, but co-creators, discover our own goals and create our own actions.



Commitment to Sustainability

From a global, medium- to long-term, non-financial capital (stakeholder capital) perspective, rather than a self-centered, short-term, financial capital (shareholder capital)-based perspective, capture things from a perspective.



Commit to Business Results

Continuing to create social and economic value through business in the real world from the perspective of the world, the perspective of the future, and the perspective of sustainability, rather than the vision / strategy formulation, idea creation, human resource development etc.

Challenge Statement

Our Challenge Theme for Sustainability

Co-creation of a sustainable world (space, earth, economy, nature, animals, humans).

Focus Domain

Our Areas of Focus

Smart City & Smart Villages
Smart City & Smart Villages
MaaS & Logistics
MaaS and Logistics
Healthcare & Life Science
Healthcare & Life Science
Food & Agriculture
Food & Agriculture
Energy & Water
Energy & Water
Digital (DX)
Digital (DX)
Sustainability (SDGs)
Sustainability (SDGs)

Co-Creation Partner

Our Co-creation Partners

Challenge partners who co-create based on sharing and empathy for Purpose


Our Service

Services that connect with various stakeholders and realize business co-creation

01. Innovation & Co-Creation Program

Program-type services that create sustainable businesses through co-creation

  • Visualization of unseen ideas and values
  • Co-creation of Innovation with Stakeholders
  • Dissemination as an integrated report

03. ICMG Innovation Platform

Platform-type services aiming to create a social infrastructure that accelerates innovation

  • Knowledge Network. Sharing Opportunity
  • Providing a Digital & Realistic Platform
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of trial and error

02. Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program

Program-based services that co-develop human talent who will lead the future

  • The overarching concept of “wisdom and axis
  • The discovery of intrinsic human purpose and motivation
  • Simultaneous development of human resources and business

Innovation Challenge Gallery

Our Innovation Challenge

Future Centre Alliance

A place to talk about and co-create the future

Future Center Tokyo
Future center Suntec
Future Center Blk71
Future Center Cambodia
Future center Silicon Valley


Our Members

Members who will co-create a sustainable world


Contact Us

If you have any interests or questions about ICMG, please do not hesitate to contact us.