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ICMG, together with JETRO, has launched a program to promote the digital transformation of Japanese corporations with ASEAN partners. Applications for the program started on December 1.

~ASEAN DXPF Corporate Innovation Program~

ICMG Co.,Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Funabashi; hereinafter “ICMG”) and the Japan External Trade Organization (hereinafter JETRO) are pleased to announce that the ASEAN DXPF Corporate Innovation Program(Hereinafter, the program), a co-creation program aimed at realizing corporate DX innovation, will begin accepting applications from Monday, December 1, 2020, for start-up companies in ASEAN to participate in the program.

◇Project Objective/Background

Digital transformation (hereinafter referred to as “DX”), which uses digital technology to streamline operations and create new services, has begun to gain importance in companies and governments around the world. As the spread of the new coronavirus limits physical contact with people, the need for urgent changes in the way we do business is expected to arise.

In recent years, the ASEAN region has seen a rapid pace of social innovation and DX using digital technology, and a number of influential startups have emerged, becoming the driving force for fundamental changes in markets, values and social structures.

In this program, we aim to create a new model that will lead Japan by connecting Japanese companies with the leading DX players in ASEAN to realize co-creation and create new value for companies.

ICMG will jointly manage this program with JETRO by linking its rich experience in co-creation innovation programs at home and abroad with the innovation ecosystem of industry, academia and government in ASEAN.

◇Call for participating startups and tech companies

We are looking for startups and tech companies to join this program and work on the three “Corporate DX” challenges set by the Challenge Owners. ※Challenge name is tentative

Challenge 1
“Smart Cloud Data Platform for IHI Future Smart City”

Challenge Owner: IHI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Theme: Challenge to create IHI Future Smart city through the focus on “smart transportation”. Creation of a data platform to utilize the company’s road and traffic information sensing technology and its data analysis.

Challenge 2
“Enhancing Industrial Customer Value in ‘New Normal’ Remotely”

Challenge Owner: NITTOKU Singapore Pte Ltd
Theme: With COVID-19 limiting its ability to travel long distances, Nittoku is challenged to create new ways to assist manufacturers in the New Normal by leveraging technology for supporting remote assembly, maintenance and repair of equipment.

Challenge 3
“Building New Synergies by Digitalization of Human Resource Model”

Challenge Owner: Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd
Theme: Sojitz will take on the challenge of creating new solutions that can be used globally, utilizing digital technology in operations related to human resources, such as talent recruitment, employee performance evaluation, assignment and human resource development.
For more information about this program and registration, please refer to the following program site

◇Role of JETRO and ICMG

Total coordination of stakeholders to promote global innovation in Japanese companies
・Reach out to the latest DX cases of various companies around the world
・Support for cross-border PoC implementation (coordination with local government, coordination with local partners, legal checks)

Co-design and co-execution of co-creative innovation programs (innovation co-creator)
・Co-design of the challenge statement
・Jointly develop co-creation model hypotheses with each potential partner / overall strategy hypothesis across each co-creation model
・Jointly develop action plans for PoC implementation

◇ASEAN DXPF Corporate Innovation Program

Purpose: Accelerate the ASEAN-based digital transformation (DX) of Japanese companies
Organized by: Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Singapore
Operated by: ICMG Co.,Ltd
Supported by: Enterprise Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Challenge Owners: IHI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, NITTOKU Singapore Pte Ltd, Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd
WEB :https://www.jetro.go.jp/singapore/DX/DXPF2.html


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JETRO utilizes a network of more than 120 offices at home and abroad to promote investment in Japan, support the export of agricultural, forestry and marine products and foodstuffs, as well as the overseas expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and collect business information. In response to the Japanese government’s policy, JETRO Singapore implements a variety of projects that focus on the global expansion of Japanese startups, open innovation between Japanese and foreign companies, and overseas startups’ investment in Japan.

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