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ICMG Has Accepted Consignment of Startup Ecosystem Project of Aichi Prefecture Again as Last Year

ICMG Co., Ltd (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo; hereinafter ICMG; Hitoshi Funahashi, President and CEO) has been commissioned to implement the “Singapore Startup Ecosystem Collaboration Project” by Aichi Prefecture. ICMG was also selected by Aichi Prefecture to participate in the “Overseas Startup Support Organization Collaboration Promotion Project” in 2020 and will continue to promote the formation of Aichi Prefecture’s startup ecosystem.

This project is part of the “Aichi-Startup Strategy,” which was formulated to create an innovation ecosystem adopting startups as a catalyst for maintaining and developing Aichi Prefecture’s industrial competitiveness. Through collaboration with various organizations in Singapore — the leading country of startups in Southeast Asia — the Aichi-Startup Strategy aims to promote innovation through co-creation between companies in the prefecture and startups in Southeast Asia to create a startup ecosystem in the prefecture.

ICMG has formed a global innovation ecosystem with diverse stakeholders (companies, startups, accelerators, governments, universities, research institutes, citizens, etc.) in Singapore and other Southeast Asian markets since the establishment of its Singapore subsidiary in 2011. We also have a wealth of experience in co-creation innovation programs in Japan and overseas.

Today, sustainable growth in the region is a major challenge that cannot be solved by itself. Therefore, collaborating with startups that are innovation leaders, as well as many stakeholders such as corporations, universities, and citizens, is mandatory. In this project, ICMG will utilize our strengths in innovation ecosystems and co-creation experiences in Southeast Asia to promote and expand the formation of the ecosystem along with the existing ecosystem created through the startup support project implemented last year.

We will invite challenge owners and startups to the project this year as well. The Aichi prefectural government will announce details regarding the project and disseminate the information through a designated website which will be coming soon.

Project details

  • Smart City Startup Collaboration Program
    1) Identify issues related to smart cities that will contribute to the promotion of Aichi Prefecture
    2) Develop solutions to these issues through collaboration between companies in the prefecture and startups in Southeast Asia
  • Participation in exhibitions in Singapore
    Provide support for startups in Aichi Prefecture that are aiming to expand into the Southeast Asian market to attend exhibitions in Singapore, thereby promoting the growth of startups, concurrently attracting overseas startups to Aichi Prefecture. (Promoting the formation of the startup ecosystem)   


Startup Ecosystem Formation Project in Aichi Prefecture(Japanese)

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