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Establishment of Venture Capital “Co-Creation Fund”

Left: ICMG Partners, President Funahashi;    Middle: Japan Airport Terminal, Chairman Takashiro;   Right: Kiraboshi Bank, President Watanabe

20th May 2021

We would like to announce that four companies—(1) Japan Airport Terminal, which operates Haneda Airport Terminal, the gateway to Japan; (2) Haneda Future Research Institute, which promotes the development of new businesses as a group company of Japan Airport Terminal; (3) Kiraboshi Bank, which creates new values for financial services; and (4) ICMG Group, which supports the sustainable growth of companies and society through intellectual capital management—will establish a venture capital “Co-Creation Fund” to support ventures aiming to solve social issues.

In addition to venture investing, this fund will support value co-creation efforts between up-and-coming entrepreneurs and large corporations essential to sustaining social infrastructure, where they work together as equal partners. This fund also takes advantage of physical locations such as Haneda Innovation City (also known as HICity)—a large multipurpose commercial complex next to Haneda Airport that integrates cutting-edge industries and cultural industries—to test ideas. By accumulating experience in tangible materialization and social implementation of ideas, we will build an ecosystem of sustainable services that will link us to the future.

Haneda Innovation City (HICity), image as provided by Haneda Future Development Co., Ltd.

We do not consider the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis that struck humankind as a transient event, and as such, we take this opportunity to emphasize on our important mission of the cultivation and the succession of a sustainable ecosystem that will enable the earth and humankind to coexist. With our focus on Haneda Airport, we will work on long-term solutions to the issues commonly faced in the global and local context, while collaborating with overseas airports as well as domestic airports to build demonstration models in the customer’s life journey around the airport.


【The Concept of Co-Creation Fund】

Large companies that have supported social infrastructure possess intellectual capital such as reliable technology, human capital, customer base, and trusted brands; up-and-coming venture entrepreneurs possess venture spirit and future-oriented service development capabilities. These entities—combined with a group of experts with abundant experience and knowledge—transcend organizational barriers and provide timely and speedy funding and hands-on support for co-creation activities of socially valuable products and services, thereby promoting the implementation of services that are valuable to customers and society.

【The Overview of Co-Creation Fund】

  • Investment theme: Leveraging speedy funding and large corporate networks, providing hands-on support to ventures that use technologies to solve social issues in scenes of everyday life.
  • Fund size: $ 20 Million
  • Investment start date: May 2021

We will invite companies who resonate with the vision of Co-Creation Fund to participate from time to time.

【The Overview of Each Company】

  • About Japan Airport Terminal https://www.tokyo-airport-bldg.co.jp/

Japan Airport Terminal was established by private capital in 1953, and since the Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal was put into service in 1955, it has continued to expand and renovate Haneda Airport’s facilities as a passenger terminal operating company funded by pure private capital. The company has strived to operate facilities and improve services with an emphasis on convenience, comfort, and functionality.

  • About Haneda Future Research Institute https://www.haneda-the-future.com/

Established in 2018 as a group company of Japan Airport Terminal, Haneda Future Research Institute aims to create new businesses, values, and the future by leveraging HANEDA’s knowledge and potential, focusing on “regional revitalization,” “dissemination of culture and art,” and “human resources and marketing”.

  • About Kiraboshi Bank https://www.kiraboshibank.co.jp/

Established on May 1, 2018, Kiraboshi Bank aims to contribute to the development of local communities and the building of the ‘Made in Tokyo Platform’ which creates new values by collaborating with the government and other industries. Their management philosophy is to “contribute to the development of local communities through comprehensive financial services as a financial group for SMEs and individual customers in the Tokyo metropolitan area.”

  • About ICMG Group https://www.icmg.co.jp/

Since its founding, ICMG Group has been leading co-creative innovation not only in Japan but also in Singapore and Silicon Valley with various stakeholders such as large companies, ventures, and government agencies. Most recently, ICMG Group has been providing renewable energy in non-electrified areas in Southeast Asia in collaboration with TEPCO and Chubu Electric Power. Through this co-creation fund, we aim to solve social issues and create a sustainable future together with ventures and partner companies.