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Co-creating a Sustainable Future – ICMG and UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development Form Strategic Alliance to Accelerate SDGs Innovation in Asia

MOU Ceremony with UNDP and SL

– Creating SDGs Innovation Based on Asian Realities (Urgent Issues) – 

ICMG Pte Ltd (located in Singapore, hereinafter referred to as “ICMG”) is pleased to announce that on November 11, 2019, ICMG has signed a strategic partnership agreement with UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development (hereinafter referred to as “UNDP GCTISD”), promoting global sustainable development through co-creation, to accelerate innovation for SDGs in Asia. 

ICMG provides services to create innovation and achieve sustainable growth through co-creation with corporations, based on the overarching goal of creating purposeful & impactful innovation that is meaningful to the world. In this context, we have decided to launch a full-scale initiative to accelerate innovation for SDGs in Asia.

UNDP works in 170 countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals with a variety of partners including governments based on their abundant knowledge of actual local issues. In the new direction of strategically deepening co-creation relationships not only with governments but also with corporations, they have established UNDP GCTISD in Singapore, and is promoting various co-creating activities to accelerate sustainable development as a global hub for SDGs innovation.

This strategic alliance is aimed at accelerating innovation for SDGs in Asia and the co-creation of a sustainable future, by combining UNDP’s knowledge and the ability of ICMG to create innovation with the local communities that rally around the SDGs, and the corporate partner community. 


  • To accelerate innovation for SDGs in Asia with the main objective of creating a sustainable future through co-creation.

【Basic Activities】

  • SDGs Innovation Lab: To understand global trends in SDGs and promote research activities on methodologies for discovering and solving issues.
  • SDGs Innovation Platform: Providing knowledge, networks, and opportunities related to innovation for SDGs in Asia on the ICMG Innovation Platform
  • SDGs Innovation Program: Providing programs to accelerate corporate innovation based on the SDGs.

【Benefits for large corporations】

  • To position the SDGs in Asia (including Japan) from a global, comprehensive and front-line perspective of the SDGs.
  • Provide opportunities to know and experience the reality of the challenges for SDGs, which is difficult to get in Japan.
  • Accelerate the discovery and hypothesis testing of more meaningful and concrete objectives by accessing the actual state of the SDGs and the related community.

【How to join】

  • Front-line information on the ICMG digital platform (Facebook/LinkedIn)
  • Contents and programs exclusively for ICMG Innovation Platform members
  • SDGs Corporate Innovation Program working with UNDP and SL2.(SDGs Innovation Accelerators in Asia.) It is an initial hypothesis-building program in collaboration with governments, NGOs/NPOs, startups, and other entities that are leading SDGs innovation.
    * ICMG has already implemented the above program with some of our corporate partners and can share it as a case study upon request.ICMG Digital Platform
    ➢Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icmgsingapore/
    ➢LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/icmgsingapore/

【Outline of the each company】

ICMG Pte Ltd

A corporate innovation accelerator that aims to create meaningful innovations for the world through co-creation.ICMG is leading innovation for SDGs with a wealth of practical experience in creating co-innovation with diverse stakeholders in Japan and Asia as a corporate partner.

UNDP(United Nations Development Programme)

UNDP, established in 1966, has about 7,400 staff members working in about 170 countries around the world to lead the way in addressing social issues that are difficult for developing country governments to tackle on their own. In addition to supporting the understanding of real issues faced by SDGs in each country, UNDP will connect with communities to accelerate the resolution of local issues and promote joint activities.

UNDP GCTISD (UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development)

UNDP GCTISD is a joint initiative of the Singapore government and UNDP, established in 2018 as a global hub for the development of co-creation solutions to the SDGs. They accelerate co-innovation in the SDGs by combining the global network of UNDP and the innovation creation capacity of the Singapore government.

Sustainable Living Lab (SL2)

SL2 is a SDGs innovation accelerator that promotes innovation in the SDGs in collaboration with the Singapore government and has an extensive track record of accelerating the creation of various innovations in the SDGs not only in Singapore but also in other countries. Together with ICMG, they will share their knowledge, networks, and opportunities to lead the co-innovation in the SDGs.


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