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ICMG Director appeared [IC 14 – The world conference on Intellectual capital]

ICMG Co.,Ltd ( Chiyoda-ku Tokyo; hereinafter ICMG ; Hitoshi Funahashi, president and CEO) director Satoshi Funahashi appeared at [ IC14 The World Conference on Intellectual Capital ] at UNESCO headquarters in Paris between 14 – 15th June 2018. This international conference celebrates the 14th this year, and practitioners and researchers on intellectual capital around the world meet, bringing the latest results.

In this announcement from ICMG, we have suggested a model focusing on each company and community, organizing the relationship between “sustainability building” which is a common challenge of the world and intellectual capital.
Toward the target of sustainability building, it clearly shows that management with core intellectual capital is important for both corporate and local society.

In considering the community, ICMG introduced the concept of “climate-corporate culture“ originating in Japan.
In the model that positioned “climate-corporate culture” as a source of intellectual capital in the region, we received great feedback from the participants such as “fresh perspective” and “new enhancement suggestions were gained”.

ICMG, we will further deepen the consideration and practice of intellectual capital with an important theme of addressing social issues and building sustainability.

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