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ICMG launched a full-scale global program with Aichi Prefecture to realize a smart sustainable city

ICMG Co., Ltd (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo; hereinafter ICMG; Hitoshi Funahashi, President and CEO), together with Aichi Prefecture, held the “Aichi Smart Sustainable City Co-Creation Challenge“, a global pitch event aimed at creating opportunities for co-creation with companies in Aichi Prefecture and the formation of a startup ecosystem in Aichi Prefecture.

【Project Background】

The Aichi Smart Sustainable City Co-Creation Challenge (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) was launched in May 2020.

With the rapid urbanization, smart city initiatives to solve urban issues with cutting-edge technology are attracting attention around the world, and initiatives have begun in various parts of Japan as well. Aichi Prefecture is known for its name “ ‘Philo (愛 love)’ and ‘Sophia(知 wisdom)'” and has been exploring, creating, and disseminating new “knowledge” to the world, and has continued to produce leaders with new “knowledge” both historically and in the present day. In the future, Aichi Prefecture will not only be Japan’s leading manufacturing prefecture, but also the world’s leading smart, sustainable, and innovative prefecture, and a place that will lead the way to a sustainable future for its citizens and the world by solving social and regional issues in a co-creative manner with its citizens. 

 ICMG co-managed this program by combining its extensive experience in co-innovation programs in Japan and overseas with the industry-government-academia-private innovation ecosystem in Asia.


【About the Aichi Smart Sustainable City Co-Creation Challenge】

This program aimed to realize a “Smart Sustainable City” in Aichi Prefecture through co-creation with companies and organizations in Aichi Prefecture and startups in Japan and Asia including Singapore. Four challenge themes were set, and startups were invited to work with the challenge owners to solve the challenges.

Project name: Aichi Smart Sustainable City Co-Creation Challenge with Singapore Innovation Ecosystem

Organizer : Aichi Prefecture

Operator : ICMG Co.,Ltd

Cooperator : National University of Singapore (NUS) / NUS Enterprise

Challenge Owners: Asahi Tekko Co., Ltd., Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Minamichita Town, Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd.

Community Partner :

(1)Local Partners

Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. /MTG Ventures /Nagoya Innovator’s Garage/NAGONO CAMPUS/Midland Incubators/Sustainable Story

(2) Global Partners

Sustainable Living Lab (SL2)/e27/Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE)/UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development (UNDP GCTISD) 

Challenge Themes : 

Challenge 1 : ”True DX” from Aichi Prefecture, a manufacturing center

Challenge 2 : Building a new mobility ecosystem and business model.

Challenge 3 : Creation of a new model of living in the world, city, and region, modeled on Minamichita Town

Challenge 4 : Pursuing the possibilities of a Smart Sustainable City based on the airport 



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