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ICMG Co-Creation Fund invests US$ 1 million in HISHAB — a company that aims to bring impact and change to the society using Telephony Conversational AI technology —


(Left) Zubair Ahmed, CEO of Hishab, (Right) Gen Funahashi, CEO of ICMG Partners

Photos taken at Hishab Bangladesh Office and ICMG Singapore Office respectively


November 12, 2021

ICMG Partners Co., Ltd.

ICMG Co-Creation Fund I Investment LP


We are pleased to announce that ICMG Co-Creation Fund I Investment LP managed by ICMG Partners Co., Ltd. (HQ: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Gen Funahashi) has invested US$ 1 million in HISHAB PTE LTD (HQ: 10 Anson Road, Singapore; CEO: Zubair Ahmed). HISHAB looks to create a world, where no one needs to learn about software but for the software to adapt to humans based on individual abilities. Through the introduction of Telephony Conversational AI solution, HISHAB’s technology caters to a wide range of application with particular focus on connecting digitally neglected and disconnected people.


HISHAB works with clients across industries including major Financial Institutions, Micro Financial Institutions, Micro Small Medium Enterprises and other major Corporations with Large Call Center facilities in Japan, India and Bangladesh. Primarily, they support financial institutions and corporations in connecting with the less developed and less advanced customers by providing them a Conversational AI tool over telephony network. The AI-driven tool helps to understand and process natural language and enable customers to engage with the necessary services over a phone call. These services include, banking transactions, call center automation, transaction records and new account opening.


The significance of this investment is to promote equal opportunities to the less digital savvy customers and business owners to enable them to utilize digital assets without having to own any infrastructure. This is done so by providing individuals with the appropriate access to digital capabilities by utilizing Conversational AI over a featureless telephone. The features not only helps individuals but also business owners to engage with new transaction methodology and book keeping methodologies. At the same time, this will help enable business owners to improve on their credit scores and open up more opportunities to access alternative financing for growth.


Moving forward, in order to support the less accessible to enjoy the same high quality of life, ICMG Group will utilize its network of leading Japanese corporations and integrate HISHAB’s Conversational AI capabilities with Japanese Corporations’businesses and customers.



HISHAB’s mission is to create a world where anyone can use software without having to learn to use it, with simple voice command and without the need of Internet, Smartphone or IT literacy. Hishab a fully voice based and A.I. driven solution. It works from any phone by dialing 16513. Hishab helps keeping records of credit based transactions (e.g. shopping on dues, loan tracking to friends) between any two parties.

URL: https://hishab.co/


About ICMG Group

ICMG Group has been leading co-creative innovation not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia and US together with various stakeholders such as leading Japanese big corporations, startups, and government agencies. ICMG Group has also carried out renewable energy investment projects in Southeast Asia with Tokyo Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Power Co, formed a strategic partnership in Singapore with UNDP to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and launched the sustainable city initiative project in Japan with Aichi Prefectural Government. ICMG Co-Creation Fund aims to create a sustainable society by providing growth capital and strong partner network of leading Japanese corporations to startups that solve social issues.

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