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Strategic Partnership with UNDP Indonesia and Nippon Closures Co., Ltd. for the Circular Economy Initiative

ICMG has agreed to a strategic partnership for the Circular Economy Initiative with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Indonesia and Japan Closures Co., Ltd.. Based on this agreement, ICMG, together with UNDP Indonesia and Nippon Closures Co., Ltd. will implement co-creation activities in Indonesia to realize the Circular Economy for two years via SDG Academy Indonesia, starting in August 2022.


As an approach to tackling environmental issues currently facing the world, the circular economy is an important solution to efficiently utilize resources and reduce environmental impact.


ICMG, a corporate innovation accelerator in Asia, Nippon Closures Co., Ltd.(NCC), a leading Japanese closure manufacturer, UNDP Indonesia, and ICMG Singapore local innovation partner Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) will discuss next actions through new technologies based on best practices in both Japan and Indonesia to enhance individual knowledge and technical skills in the circular economy. ICMG’s objective is to create awareness among people and to develop human resources to promote the circular economy. ICMG will contribute to the development of the circular economy in Japan as well as to the resolution of social issues in Indonesia through this initiative.


The kick-off event will be held on October 20, 2022, from 16:00 to 18:50 (Japan time), with an opening ceremony and the first circular economy dialogue. Attending the event will be the Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia H.E. Kanasugi Kenji, Resident Representative of UNDP Indonesia Norimasa Shimomura, and the representatives from Japan Ministry of Economics, Trade, and Industry as well as Indonesia Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas).


There will be 5 (five) CE dialogues held by SDG Academy Indonesia, as well as the 5-month SDG Leadership Programme focusing on implementation of Circular Economy in Indonesia. The events will be held virtually, and each Circular Economy Dialogue will be attended by approximately 200 participants from government and non-governmental organizations, academia, industry, non-profit organizations (NGOs), media, and young citizens. The CE Dialogue also invites CE experts and best practices from both countries, where they talk about the overview of current situations relating to circular economy initiatives in Japan and Indonesia.

Official website URLhttps://www.sdgacademyindonesia.id/en/blog/2022/10/sdg-academy-undp-indonesia-to-offer-circular-economy-trainings-with-nippon-closures-co-ltd-%E2%80%AF/

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ICMG Co., Ltd.

Since its founding, ICMG has promoted projects with large Japanese companies, start-ups, and government agencies based in Japan, Singapore and Silicon Valley. Most recently, ICMG has worked with a major electric power company to invest in renewable energy in Southeast Asia, and has promoted projects in Japan and abroad, including a smart sustainable city project in Aichi Prefecture. With a focus on “Sustainable Growth” and a comprehensive view of not only financial capital but also non-financial capital (Intellectual Capital), we will continue to promote numerous projects as a “Partner for Sustainable Growth of Corporations”.


Nippon Closures Co., Ltd. (NCC)

Japan’s leading closure manufacturer, supplying a variety of metal and plastic cap and closure products, as well as capping machines. Based on the management philosophy of “Closures Impresses People and Society,” the company is committed to research and development of environmentally friendly products and manufactures value-added products on a sustainable basis through co-creation.



UNDP Indonesia

UNDP works in about 170 countries and territories to help eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and exclusion, and build resilience so that countries can sustain progress. As a development agency of the United Nations, it plays a key role in helping countries achieve their sustainable development goals. While each programme supported by UNDP has specific and varied objectives, capacity development is one aim that all UNDP programmes – in Indonesia and worldwide – have in common.



SDG Academy Indonesia

Initiated by UNDP Indonesia, Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), and Tanoto Foundation, SDG Academy Indonesia is a medium for localising SDGs in Indonesia, acting as a knowledge-hub for mainstreaming SDGs. The SDG Leadership Program is one of the main programmes by SDG Academy Indonesia, targeting stakeholders from government and non-government sectors, with the aim of preparing leaders with SDG characteristics who can contribute to the achievement of the 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goals.  The Academy expects that these SDGs’ stakeholders can help Indonesia to build back better towards more green, resilient, and inclusive cities in the recover from the post-pandemic crisis.



Sustainable Living Lab(SL2)

SL2 is founded in Singapore in 2011 and has teams in Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the United States. It is an SDGs Innovation Accelerator that promotes SDGs innovative creation in collaboration with the Singapore government and has a strong presence in accelerating the creation of various innovations under the SDGs not only in Singapore but also in other countries. In this project, SL2 will share our knowledge, networks, and opportunities with ICMG to lead the co-creation of innovations for the SDGs.

URL: https://www.sustainablelivinglab.org/