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ICMG Co-creation Fund invests in MILIZE — a company that aims to change the industry using big data, AI, and finance know-how — together with Hamagin DG Innovation Fund

October 8, 2021 

ICMG Partners Co., Ltd.

ICMG Co-Creation Fund I Investment LP

We are pleased to announce that ICMG Co-Creation Fund I Investment LP managed by ICMG Partners Co., Ltd. (HQ: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hitoshi Funahashi) has invested in MILIZE Inc. along with Hamagin DG Innovation Fund Investment LP managed by DG Incubation, Inc. (subsidiary of Digital Garage, Inc.)in the same investment round. MILIZE Inc. (HQ: Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Toru Tanaka) aims to become a platform that leverages large amounts of data to make appropriate recommendations about matters related to monetary management at various life events. 

MILIZE works with clients across industries and more specifically, major Japanese financial institutions and corporations. They support financial institutions and corporations in making appropriate management decisions by providing two solutions:“milize Forecast,” an AI-driven general-purpose analysis tool for forecasting the future such as corporate performance and exchange rate; and “milize Shop Strategy,” an AI-driven tool that links up map information and trade area data to predict sales in potential new store locations. In the area of personal assets. Additionally, MILIZE also enables an effective management of an individual’s personal assets through providing “milize Pro,” a platform that enables financial institutions and companies with personalized financial products and advisory services to provide online life plan consulting services. The clients of these services include major Japanese financial institutions and corporations. 

The significance of this investment is to promote individuals to realize their“fiduciary duty” and enable them to lead more affluent lives. This is done so by providing individuals with the right financial products at the right time by utilizing AI, financial engineering, and financial know-how, tackling the current situation where it is difficult for individuals to know whether financial institutions and insurance companies are providing financial services that are appropriate for them. For corporations, this investment will help realize their sustainable growth that does not rely too much on human resources by deploying the forecasting know-how and tools that MILIZE has developed over the years and allowing AI to support company’s important management decisions which involves questions such as what kind of stores to open, what kinds of tenants to deploy, and how much sales can be generated.

Moving forward, in order to support appropriate decision-making and people’s high quality of live in a sustainable manner, ICMG Group will utilize its network of leading Japanese corporations and integrate MILIZE’s future forecasting capabilities with Japanese Corporations’ businesses and customers. 

【About MILIZE】

MILIZE’s mission is to leverage AI and financial engineering to rebuild and create financial services from the users’ perspective. For corporate customers, MILIZE provides AI and big data services as well as financial market services that realize efficiency, digitization, and labor optimization; for individual customers, MILIZE supports their lives by providing personal asset formation services.

URL: https://milize.co.jp/

【About Hamagin DG Innovation Fund】

The Fund was established by the Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.(HQ: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Yasuyoshi Oya)and Digital Garage, Inc.(HQ: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & Group CEO:Kaoru Hayashi)and is managed by DG Incubation, a subsidiary of Digital Garage Inc. It invests in promising ventures with digital services that contribute to open innovation at financial institutions as well as those with platforms that bring innovation to the revitalization of regional economies.

The Bank of Yokohama URL: https://www.boy.co.jp/

Digital Garage Inc. URL: https://www.garage.co.jp/ja/

DG Incubation, Inc. URL: https://dgincubation.com/

【About ICMG Group】

Since its founding, ICMG Group has led co-creative innovation not only in Japan but also in Singapore and Silicon Valley together with various stakeholders such as leading Japanese corporations, startups, and government agencies. Most recently, ICMG Group has carried out projects in and outside of Japan such as renewable energy investments in Southeast Asia, strategic partnership with UNDP to promote innovation, and sustainable city initiative with Aichi Prefectural Government. Through this co-creation fund, we aim to create a sustainable future by providing immediate capital and ICMG’s partner network of leading Japanese corporations to ventures that solve social issues. 

URL: https://www.icmg.com.sg


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