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Executive Business Seminar for Top Managers entitled “Challenge in Creating New Value: Developing an Environment and Mechanisms for Bringing New Ideas to Reality,” hosted by Business Forum, was held on October 27, 2014 in the conference hall at the JA Kyosai Building in Tokyo. ICMG’s Head of the Consulting Services Fumihiro Oba took part as a speaker.

Head of the Consulting Services Fumihiro Oba gave a presentation at the Executive Business Seminar hosted by Business Forum: “Challenge in Creating New Value: Developing an Environment and Mechanisms for Bringing New Ideas to Reality.”

Lecture Title

Finding Solutions to a Company’s Innovation Issues by Using Its Potentiality: How to Build a New Enterprise Creating Company

Lecture Summary

Companies latently possess highly specialized knowledge, skills, and know-how that serve as seeds of creation. But unfortunately, they are not fully utilized toward innovations that help produce new businesses and values. The key to promote continuous innovation is to go beyond the conventional, closed, single-track ways of employing techniques, developing products, and promoting solutions. A company must establish a process for producing new concepts, incorporate it as part of its overall system, and do so while widely searching and collecting peripheral and implicit knowledge both from within and outside the organization, involving both clients and in-house human resources. This lecture will provide hints as to how to build an “innovation ecosystem” that makes full use of a company’s potentialities to create a structure to produce innovation both in the workers’ abilities and processes.

Comments of participants
・“The angle was radical but very convincing. It as a valuable talk based on actual on-the-job experiences.”
・“It drove home to me that while logic is important, that alone is not enough.”
・“It helped me see that changes and reforms are nothing special, and what is important is to create motivation in our every day.”
・“It taught me a lot. The point about the relationship between plans (strategies) and those who carry them out was particularly helpful.”
・“I would like to explore the mechanism and perspective for applying the ‘8 spiral methodology’ in actual business situations.”
The seminar

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