The second installment of the serial article written by the Head of the Consulting Services Fumihiro Oba appeared in Think!, a practical business training magazine published by Toyo Keizai Inc.



Think! SUMMER 2014 No.50 <2014年07月22日発売>
【連載 第2回】
価値創造の問題解決 -イノベーションを生み出す思考と行動の技法-
第2回 暗黙知を取り出すインデプスインタビュー -人の視点を借りる技法
大庭史裕 ICMG取締役/コンサルティング事業部代表

[:en]Think! SUMMER 2014 No.50 (published on July 22, 2014)
[2nd installment]
Solving the Value-Creation Issue: Thoughts and Actions That Engender Innovation
[No. 2] In-Depth Interview to Uncover Implicit Knowledge: Technique of Borrowing Other People’s Perspectives
Fumihiro Oba, ICMG CSO and Head of the Consulting Services[:]