VCC community established to comprehensively the network of entrepreneurs and partners by providing innovations to spur enterprise growth through co-creation.

VCC Joint Organiser

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VCC Ecosystem

Venture Co-Creation (VCC™) is the process of creation and management of startups to address business pain points while guiding startups to initial success.
This process is carried out by working together with industry partners and leading research institutes to discover new opportunities for growth by innovation; inspired by deep technology development and business needs.

VCC Partners

VCC Community’s goal is to enable the growth of exciting businesses that are ready to embark on the journey of success.

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

A*STAR is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore. A*STAR is the lead public agency that drives mission-oriented research to advance scientific discovery and technological innovation.

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NUS Enterprise

NUS Enterprise plays a role in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship at NUS. It actively promotes entrepreneurship and cultivates talents through experiential entrepreneurial education, active industry partnerships, entrepreneurship support and outreach.

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NTUitive Pte Ltd (NTU)

NTU - NTUitive Pte Ltd is the University’s innovation and enterprise company. NTUitive supports the University’s mission to develop an innovative ecosystem to encourage innovation, foster entrepreneurship and facilitate the commercialisation of research.

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VCC Companies

VCC community is a solid ecosystem for new entrants to the Tech start-up market and helping them achieve success

STT Connect Pte Ltd

STT is the world’s second data center provider with affiliated companies that provide cloud digital platforms. Together with ICMG to facilitates business development.

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Enlop Pte Ltd

ENLOP, an abbreviation for Entrepreneurial Network of Leading Organizations and People, is a business ecosystem that enables any organization to adopt a modular plug and play approach by providing clients with tailored resources that meets their needs.

Learn More Pte Ltd is Singapore’s first AaaS platform - Extending Humanity with Augmented Intelligence. is a joint-venture between Origgin and A*Star ETPL.

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Probicient Pte Ltd

Probicient is developing a world’s first-of-its-kind probiotic beer. Probicient is a collaboration between Origgin/ICMG and NUS.

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Mercurics Pte Ltd

Mercurics aimed to define the future of work through computational psychology.<br />In HR, Mercurics deliver psychometrics-driven talent matching and grooming, to improve retention, time-to-hire, and hire success.

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Archisen Pte Ltd

Archisen develops and operates systems and solutions to grow fresh local produce in urban cities. Archisen's vision is to be the largest network of urban farms in Asia.

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SinFooTech Pte Ltd

SinFooTech is developing a world’s first-of-its-kind Tofu Whey Wine. SinFooTech is a collaboration between Origgin/ICMG and NUS.

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Soflogic Pte Ltd

SofLogic Enterprise provides information technology (IT) services, solutions, and niche business applications. The company primarily focuses on implementing and maintaining a scalable IT infrastructure to augment business-IT solutions.

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VCC Team Leaders

Focus areas that hold a growing importance to the future of the global society while increasing VCC’s sustainable advantage. 

Hitoshi Funahashi / 船橋 仁

After working at a general trading company, Hitoshi Funahashi joined a recruitment company where he oversaw business incubation activities. He then founded ICMG, a management-support company that focuses on intellectual capital (non-finance capital), and brought about management reforms in numerous companies, including Hitachi, Ltd. With the aim to achieve sustainable growth for companies, he supervises projects from start to finish: from the development of the business and its human resources to the final execution. He has a MBA as well as a PhD from Waseda University.

Yusuke Tsuji / 辻悠佑

After working at J.P. Morgan, Yusuke Tsuji joined ICMG, where he is primarily involved in new business developments and Open Innovation. Besides working closely with clients from the idea stage to the commercialisation of their businesses, he has broad experience in facilitating the design and implementation of innovation strategies, corporate innovation processes, personnel requirements and various systems, etc, so as to deliver effective innovation management in large enterprises. He completed his studies at Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University.

Clarence Tan (Independent Director of ICMG / Origgin)

Mr Clarence Tan, a serial entrepreneur who has launched several technology start-ups since 1993. Mr. Clarence Tan is currently the founder and executive director of Origgin Pte Ltd and Enlop Pte Ltd. Both companies are established in 2017 with HQ in Singapore to fund and aid in venture creation in the region. Mr. Tan helps startups from China, Japan and Singapore to innovate and transform, or even accelerate their business expansion plans into South East Asia. Furthermore, Mr. Tan has been a director of STT Connect Pte. Ltd., a private cloud service provider.

Takei Hidefumi

Takei Hidefumi is a native of Japan City and has joined ICMG Japansince 2015. He has a proven executive management track record and working for Japanese industry leading company/organization of various industry like Electronic, Food and Beverage, Utility, and Public Sector mainly in terms of their new business strategy, building innovation ecosystem. Recently, Takei Hidefumi joined ICMG Singapore as Innovation Acceralator to lead and develop the business development of all innovation service strategies for the Japanese Corporate companies. He completed his studies at Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University.

Richard Ow

Richard Ow is founder of several tech start-ups and IT distribution businesses. Worked with several local and overseas banks with a focus on special projects management.Hehas experience and knowledge in developing businesses and projects in emerging economies and in complex decision-making within different industries such as IT, retail and consumer goods, e-commerce, financial services, logistics, Food & Beverage and hospitality.

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